Thursday, February 28, 2013

Office design tips that promote workplace creativity

Whether your company employs graphic designers, engineers, writers or architects, many jobs require healthy doses of creative thinking. To focus sufficiently and innovate, employees need a quiet office space. Keeping a the workplace quiet - unless that workplace is a library - can be challenging at times, especially in a busy office that is full of ringing phones.

Although the sound of phones ringing constantly may be good for business, they are seldom beneficial to an employee's concentration. One way employers can ease the commotion is to attach some sound-absorbing panels to the walls to reduce resounding noises.

Adding natural materials and plants to the workspace boosts creativity as well. Studies show that natural light exposure improves creativity as well as mood, so keep the window blinds open. If the office is short on windows, use lighting that looks as natural as possible.

Even the greatest creative thinkers need some collaboration and community time to bounce ideas off of one another, so create separate spaces for for meetings and break zones as well as quiet zones

Allowing workers to bring some personal items to work to spruce up their desks is conducive to creativity and building community among employees.

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