Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Office safety should come first when filing

At the office, people can injure themselves in the most unexpected ways sometimes. Take the act of filing, for instance. The chore itself is normally quite uneventful. Other than the occasional risk of a paper cut, filing papers is a relatively risk-free task. One careless move, however, and a filing cabinet drawer can slam shut on someone's hand, perhaps resulting in a broken finger or two. 

Although no one can prevent every possible workplace injury, a few simple office pointers can prevent unnecessary headaches - or finger aches - while on the job.

1.Installing a decently sized filing cabinet is not only important for practical reasons, but for safety reasons, as well. Make sure drawers are never overloaded so workers don't have to strain to reach a file.

2. Keep heavier files or objects in the bottom drawers, as this will stabilize the cabinet and prevent tipping.

3. Try to place filing cabinets away from high-traffic areas and make sure to close all drawers when filing is completed.

4. Keep an eye on sharp corners and look out for wear that could cause cuts.

5. Finally, always encourage workers to use the handles on the filing cabinets drawers so that fingers are never curled inside the compartment.

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