Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Preparation tips to avoid office stress on bad days

Everyone has has a day in which everything seems to go wrong at the office. No one is on track with projects, deliveries are delayed and illness breaks out among your employees in the office. 

The best way to ensure that bad days do not get worse is to stay as prepared as possible at the office. Here are a few tips that will prepare even the most disaster-prone business.

1. Save all data on an external drive. Even though sites such as Google Docs make it harder to lose written work, having the information backed up on a drive can prevent headaches, especially if the internet stops working.

2. Always keep enough workers on staff to compensate if someone has to leave early to pick up a sick child from school or get emergency medical attention.

3. Stay healthy. Encourage workers to eat breakfast and try to get enough sleep at night. It is much easier to deal with emergencies at work when blood sugar is stable and exhaustion is at bay.

4. Anticipate possible problems before they arise and come up with a game plan. Put a problem-resolving system in place.

5. To keep office devices from breaking down, make sure all office equipment and supplies are as up to date and modern as can be afforded.

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