Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Prevent electrical hazards at the office

In today's digital era, most employees complete office work via electronic devices. Though this makes work faster and more convenient, it also gives rise to the possibility of electrical injuries occurring at the office. Even a low voltage of electricity can be fatal, if it travels through the heart. Therefore, it is a good idea to take some simple precautions to prevent electricity-related injuries from happening at work. 

It's important for business owners to avoid using electronics with frayed wires. When setting up the equipment, ensure that everything is grounded and stable. Keep liquids away.  

Next, make sure that outlets are never crowded. Invest in more powers strips if needed, and use double-insulated wires. Stay away from running wires or cords under rugs or mats. Invest in a cable manager to reduce safety risks while keeping the office organized. 

Third, check wires regularly for any signs of fraying or damage. Also, take note of any equipment's flashing warnings or signs of overheating.

Finally, always unplug all equipment before attempting any repairs.

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