Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reduce office stress by choosing the right chair

Office work can seem tedious and downright stressful at times. No matter what the workday may bring, a few simple adjustments to the workplace environment can prevent health problems and injuries, fostering peace of mind that inspires more productivity and a better quality of life.

Sitting in front of a computer is one of the most common workplace activities, and slouching in front of a computer keyboard with slumped shoulders is a sure way to create muscular tension. Replace any chair that hinders good posture with one that offers the most support.

A good checklist to refer to when choosing a new office chair should include a few mandatory components. First, choose an ergonomic chair, because they are engineered to provide optimal support.

Second, choose a chair with a sliding seat, infinite locking mechanisms and pneumatic height adjustments to make sure the chair can be adjusted comfortably the desk's height.

Finally, choose a chair that provides an optional headrest so that the neck can be relaxed during the day. 

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