Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Arrange office furniture to allow more movement at work

According to a recent USA Today article, more businesses are turning exercise equipment into office furniture. As studies show that sitting for prolonged periods of time has negative effects on health, many offices are using exercise balls and other products associated with the gym in the workplace to curb the lack of muscle movement. 

Standing desks - sit-and-stand desks that come with a high stool that allows users to work while standing or while resting on the stool - are also gaining notice as a viable option to boost worker health and focus.

Though most workplaces still favor more traditional office furniture, business owners may want to try implementing a few simple steps that give employees the option to move more at the office.

1. Place printers, copy machines, water coolers and other equipment as far away from workstations as possible to encourage more walking.

2. Try taking a break from the conference room and have meetings while standing, if feasible. 

3. While using a mobile device, try walking around the hallway or any place where other workers will not be disturbed and encourage other to do the same.  

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