Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Creative tips for reducing office desk clutter

Reducing desk clutter is one of the fastest ways to conduct Spring cleaning this season. Sometimes smaller items can accumulate without being used, which causes an unnecessary pile up. This type of clutter accumulates quickly, because tiny items seem negligible until they begin taking over a worker's desk space. 

A clever way to keep track of small office supplies is to invest in a storage tray that can compartmentalize miscellaneous items and keep them on hand. This keeps smaller supplies organized but still in view, making it easier to evaluate how many pencils, pens and paper clips are already present before purchasing new ones, which can help prevent overstocking.

If there is an overabundance of office supplies cluttering desks or workstations, some creative tips may help put those items to good use.

1. Come up with unique uses for paper clips. Items as small as paper clips can be used for multiple things around the office. If a loyal employee is about to retire, for instance, try collecting some photos of the employee throughout the years or other work-related pictures. Slide some paper clips onto those photos and then string them together with ribbon to create a banner that can hang on the wall as a memorable decoration during the employee's retirement party.

As more workers switch over from drinking coffee to sipping tea to reduce workplace jitters, paper clips can be used as anchors for tea bag tags to prevent the paper tab from slipping into the beverage. Simply slide a paperclip over the paper tag to give it some weight and drape the string over the side of the cup.

2. Binder clips come in handy at the office. Binder clips also have multiple utilitarian uses. They can prevent unruly wires from tangling, hold books open to certain pages to save time or by become a stand to prop up a mobile device on a desk surface. Workers may want to clamp some binder clips to the edge of their desks to keep USB cables, mobile device chargers and Ethernet cords organized.

3. Break free of office clutter for good. If a desk or office supply cabinet is overflowing with too many notebooks or writing utensils, consider dropping some supplies off at a local school or daycare center. Learning centers might appreciate the donation because kids go through items quickly and budgets are often tight.

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