Sunday, March 24, 2013

Design an office for excellence

An well-planned office design can help facilitate employee excellence. Productive office designs help keep lines of communication open while still giving workers space to concentrate on projects. Creating a work environment that is both efficient and stimulating can help an organization develop and succeed.  

As variety is the spice of life, employers may want to consider blocking off different areas in the office for different tasks. Adding some changes in scenery by using the right layout and business furniture can invigorate the space, possibly making employees more enthusiastic about coming into work.

One way an employer can break up the workplace layout is by dividing the office space into different parts. For example, adding a break-out lounge for informal talks and brainstorming efforts can help workers shift gears and get into a more communicative mindset. Using a casual space to connect with others at work can break down barriers and promote idea-sharing. Keeping the community areas decorated differently than work stations and less formal than conference rooms can encourage more genuine collaboration efforts and inspire bolder creative thought. 

Carving out specific spaces for particular office activities can also support office productivity. Having filing cabinets and storage in a designated area and placing copy, printing and fax machines in another, for example, keeps the office more organized. This streamlines workers' days, saving their time for important projects and tasks.

As an office space often becomes a home away from home for many employees, an office layout that inspires excellence balances the comfort of a house with a polished business image. Ergonomic furniture and properly adjusted computer monitors and chairs allows employees to focus on work rather than back or neck pains. Proper lighting and task lights at worktables also minimize discomfort, reducing eyestrain and keeping employees healthier, more productive and focused at their desks. 

To promote sustained excellence, employers may also want to utilize anti-glare screens, wrist rests, keyboard trays or footrests, or encourage employees to bring similar accessories to work to ensure comfort and safety. These items can prevent long-term issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome. 

As an office's design impacts the entire business and its success, and many business owners and decision-makers find it worthwhile to consult an office layout design professional to get it right.

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