Friday, March 1, 2013

Expert tips to increase an office's natural light

Planning the interior design of a new office is a task best left to the experts. An office that functions well improves productivity and keeps everyone safe. When professional office designers create a new layout for an interior workspace, they often adhere to several tried and true tricks.

A common starting point that layout designers reference is that an office can never have too much space or natural light. Natural light reduces eyestrain and increases productivity and mood, whereas more fluid spaces are safer and reduce stress.

Place benching desks in open spaces near windows, and keep windows free of heavy drapery or closed blinds. To make smaller offices or cubicles feel more spacious, install some glass walls or dividers. The glass panels allow plenty of sunshine to stream into the workplace and can also reduce the heating bill

If the budget is too tight to overhaul the interior space, a business owner can utilize the light they have by improving interior reflectivity. To do this, use light colored paint and matte finishes for the walls, ceiling and trim.  Avoid obstructions and place tall furniture such as bookshelves in places where they will not block the light.   

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