Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Feng shui tips for peaceful office design

In China, feng shui practitioners follow certain decorating rules that are believed to promote a better flow of energy inside a room. Staying clear of clutter and keeping small spaces as open and filled with light as possible are feng shui basics. 

Below are five feng shui tips specifically for office layouts that could help increase focus and productivity at work:

1. When arranging office furniture, try to angle desks and chairs to face the main doorways. This may ease people's minds, as it allows the person seated to see when someone enters the room.

2. Invest in at least three different types of lighting sources per room, and use full-spectrum lighting whenever possible.

3. Use chairs have a firm backing. The added support is not only good for posture, but is also supposed to make the worker feel more confident.

4. For a calmer environment, use paper or bamboo screens to block out unsightly appliances and sharp corners.

5. As a final touch, display a mural on one the office's main walls that depicts a happy, vibrant scene. 

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