Friday, March 1, 2013

How employees sit

Even though most employees use the same business furniture, the way people sit in their workstation can vary significantly. In addition, people move around and adopt different positions throughout the day depending on how they feel and what they are doing. A recent study identified several ways modern office workers sit.

Employees who lean forward at their desks to work on multiple devices are fairly common in the U.S. workforce, Bloomberg Businessweek reports. These workers tend to use computers and phones frequently, which can result in severe back pain if they aren't seated in ergonomic chairs or using headsets.

Texters are individuals who are constantly using their smartphones. These workers tend to look down a lot, causing them to strain their shoulders if they don't have the right arm support. These people should look for task chairs that that offer the right armrests.

When workers are in meetings, some tend to lean backwards more than others to view projectors or look at colleagues. It's a good idea to ensure gathering spaces are equipped with side chairs that can accommodate healthy leaning. 

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