Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How office furniture is affected by the rise of mobile devices

The increased use smartphones and other mobile devices is changing not only the way people work, but also the way people sit. The prevalence of touch-screen technology at the office is also starting to have an effect on business furniture design.

More flexible workplaces and popular mobile tools requires more up-to-date furniture. Though most offices are not ready to forgo all desktop computers and workstations for resistance exercise balls or bean bag chairs, there are a few changes employers can make to the office to make sure it supports movement.

Many tablets and smartphones users lean back in their chairs to type or slump over mobile devices. This shift makes investing in ergonomic office furniture more important than ever, due to the additional strain people are placing on their shoulders, necks and backs.

When selecting office furniture, employers should look for chairs that offer seat and back angle adjustments and cushioned contours that create a pocket to support the body. Until furniture designers start making office equipment to aid mobile device use, ergonomic chairs are the best bet for workers' health. 

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