Thursday, March 28, 2013

Office decorating tips for cubicles

Office stylists and interior designers recently referred to office cubicles as homes away from home in a recent Winnipeg Free Press article. With so much time spent between those walls each day, office members may want to take some measures to make this space as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Consider health and comfort

The most important component to a cubicle space is its business furniture. Investing in an ergonomic chair and a sturdy desk is the most practical step employers can take to create an efficient and comfortable workday. To further prevent discomfort, a worker may also want to purchase a keyboard tray or wrist rests to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. As cubicles do not keep office noises out, a worker may also want to purchase a white noise machine or similar device to counter distracting external noise.

Keep clutter at bay

Using an attractive memo board to pin notes and a dry erase board to jot down important reminders can help rid a space of excessive sticky notes and loose papers. Place and in-and-out tray on the desk for documents that still need work or are ready to be filed away. Purchasing some lacquered boxes or stylish fiberboard bins to store loose office items can curb the eyesore of accumulated desk clutter. In addition, keeping a pencil tray and jars to hold writing utensils can prevent small items from rolling away and getting lost. 

Create a cheerful ambiance

"A work space should be cheery, it should be fun and it should be personal to [the worker]," Sabrina Soto, the designer host of "The High/Low Project," told the newspaper. Having ample lighting beaming from a good desk lamp or task light can warm a space and keep workers focused on their assignments with less risk of eyestrain and headaches. 

Hanging one piece of professionally framed artwork or a lovely fabric with decorative push-pins on one cubicle wall can give the cubicle the appearance of having real walls.

For a cheerful touch, some workers like to replace their cork or dry-erase board frames with a vintage one or repaint the frame with a bright or metallic color to add their own personal spin. Another idea, according to interior design experts, is to cover bookshelves or cabinets with printed contact paper to decorate the space. Replacing a few desktop items such as the pencil trays, staplers and tape dispensers with ones in colors that match or complement the color of the contact paper can bring the design together, making the cubicle space appear both more aesthetically pleasing and professional. 

Adding at least one living low-water, low-light plant such as a pothos and heartleaf philodendronor or a bouquet of fresh flowers to a desktop can enliven a cubicle and also clean the air. Potted lilies also need little light and are excellent for cleaning indoor air.

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