Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Open office layouts attractive and popular

Office layouts that ditch cubicles and use an open office design are now growing, according to USA Today. The use of digital devices is dominating PC use as people rely more on mobile than ever before, and corporate offices are starting to reflect modern work trends. 

Some businesses are choosing to lower cubicle walls to give everyone a better view, and putting less emphasis on "corner offices" romanticized in 1950s-style workplace hierarchies. Architects and executives alike are claiming that the more collaborative environment leads to more productivity and flexibility.

Wi-Fi and digital tools have caused a shift in the traditional work environment that results in offices appearing more youth-friendly and knowledge-based

The collaborative concept takes advantage of the growth of mobile technology prevalence, and many companies are using their alcoves, internet cafes, lounge rooms and outdoor plazas to conduct business. This prevents employees from feeling as though they are chained to a desk for eight hours a day.

Offices are also improving their overall environments by adding sound management with white noise machines and voice privacy systems. 

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