Friday, March 1, 2013

Steps for planning the office party

When the holiday season or a special occasion is approaching, an office party isn't far behind. Although planning the company party can seem like a formidable task, the following steps can get the festivities off to great start.

If feasible, hire a professional party planner or put together a planning committee staffed with employees who are familiar with the company's goals and atmosphere.

Set a budget for the party that includes the cost of food, decorations and any entertainment that will be provided. Determine how many guests will attend, and order food and drinks based on that amount. Make sure to order extra, just in case.

Next, choose the menu and decor. If the office is a corporate environment, keep the vibe minimalist but chic with some bottled beverages on ice, bamboo plants and battery-operated candles. A more casual or creative company might want to try a fun theme such as a Hawaiian night or move the party from the office to the outdoors for a barbecue or picnic.

If the company party is at the office, remember to adjust the layout so that it is conducive to the festivities. Move transportable office furniture aside to free up space for people to mingle.

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