Friday, March 1, 2013

Tips for creating a stylish office layout

A company's office space reflects the business, and the layout should be functional but chic. Ideally, a lot of space and high ceilings serve as good foundations for a pleasing layout. However, many businesses are short on time and space. Hiring a professional to design the office layout is the best way to ensure a space is used to its full potential in a short timeframe.

Once floor plans are finished, there are several ways business owners can make the space feel more stylish and complete. The following tips can help businesses feel professional, but also warm and comfortable.

To start, employers can choose chic chairs that are pleasing in function and form. Make sure to have enough chairs for clients and other guests as well.

Make sure all the office components create a sense of cohesion. Everything from the waste receptacles and lighting fixtures, to the accessories and even the office stationery should all complement the space's overall design theme.

Finally, for extra flourish, add a glass jar or dish filled with colorful candy, an elegant paperweight or a vase of fresh flowers to the front desk

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