Monday, April 1, 2013

Earth Day tips for a more sustainable office

As Earth Day approaches, businesses can begin celebrating the environment year round and save money by creating a more sustainable office space. Buying used business furniture, using energy efficient appliances, going paperless and using recycled materials can all help reduce a business' carbon footprint, cut costs and maximize office space.

Buy Used

Purchasing second hand office furniture is not only easier on the wallet, it is friendlier to the environment, too. Many previously owned business furniture pieces are high-quality items that are available for a fraction of the price of something new. Scooping up a second hand deal from a reputable warehouse may help curb the mass production that often leads to fuller landfills. Business owners can find everything they need for the office online, from used cubicles, desk and chairs to pre-owned work stations.

Save Energy

A business owner may want to lighten the cost of electricity by using more energy efficient bulbs in light fixtures. Purchasing office desk lamps that emit fewer diodes and consume fewer watts of power - less than ten - can also help a businesses save electricity and money. To avoid wasting energy from florescent ceiling lights,office managers may want to consider using motion sensors or timers that automatically turn off lights when no one is the room. Using climate control and regularly maintaining the HVAC systems can help an office save money as well. Employers may want to remind workers to turn off fans, computers and other equipment before leaving the office for the evening.

Reduce Waste

Workers can reduce paper waste by photo copying and printing on both sides of each piece of paper whenever feasible. Going paperless as much as possible by getting rid of junk mail or swapping unnecessary paper mail in favor of email may help. Removing the business from catalog, magazine and any other unread subscriptions not only saves trees, but also reduces clutter in the office. Business owners may also want to make it a policy to post employee manuals and other documents on the internet rather than printing out copies. Having recycling bins available near work stations and high-traffic areas makes it easier to remember to recycle paper and reduces the risk of a documents piling up on desks.

Recycled Materials

A business owner may want to purchase items that are made from recycled materials. Today, everything from keyboard trays to task lamps comprised of at least some recycled materials can be found online or in stores.

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