Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tips to make an office stand out

After getting the basic office layout under control with the help of an experienced office layout designer, a business owner may want to add a few personal touches to the space that reflect his or her business brand. 

1. What sets the business apart

A business owner may want to consider what makes his or her company stand out from the competition. Qualities used for market differentiation may be brought into the office space to reinforce the brand. A business owner may want to reflect on a couple of key factors that make his or her products of services remarkable and find a way to implement that into the office space. For example, an agency that prides itself on being environmentally-friendly may want to use green products and clean, contemporary lines in the design scheme. A health or fitness-based business may want to use ergonomic chairs and design the office with open spaces that allow workers to move around the office more easily. 

2. Inject personality

A business owner may want to add a few items that incorporate something unique into the office space. An animation business, for example, may want to add a few cartoon action figures to stand atop workstation tables. A candy company may want to have a few jars of sweets in the reception area.

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