Wednesday, June 12, 2013

3 tips to creating the perfect office landscape

Modern, vintage, classic or bright - there are many different options to choose from when designing an office landscape. No matter the design, employees must be relaxed and prepared to do work each day without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. Keep reading for tips on how to create the perfect office landscape

Consider function

Above all, an office landscape must be functional, so it's important to consider what the primary uses of the area will be. Will clients be in and out of the space frequently, or will the area serve as a personal refuge away from the rest of the world? If the answer is the former, then plenty of seating will be required. 

Side chairs and tables can be added to an office to provide seating for guests and colleagues. If someone will be sitting at a desk for long hours each day, ergonomic chairs should be purchased to make work more comfortable. Ergonomic chairs are functional and sleek, and save individuals from back and neck problems

Maximize space

Even small offices can be impressive with the right design. For those working with a small room, maximizing space can be transformative and make an office feel like home. Purchasing an office workstation or desk with built-in shelves can keep books and files out of the way, easily reducing clutter. 

Filing cabinets and bookshelves are ideal for maximizing space - they hide away documents and binders and get them up off the floor and in their proper place. Bulletin boards and dry-erase boards also help individuals stay organized without taking up additional room.

Invest in lighting and technology

Productivity is heavily reliant on proper lighting and comfort at work. Fluorescent lights are extremely popular, but if an individual is looking for alternative, softer lighting, small desk lamps or standing lamps are ideal. They can bring in extra flair to office cubicles and home workstations alike, without taking up too much space.

Wall lighting options such as sconces or pendant lights add elegance without taking up valuable room. There are affordable, DIY options for those on a budget, too, making these elements easy to incorporate. 

Workstations must also have the proper technology available to carry out daily tasks. Rather than using bulky computers and phones, one may opt to use sleeker designs including phone headsets or tablets, depending on the work that must be done. 

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