Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Modern office furniture that will impress clients

Modern office furniture is sure to attract attention from every client who walks through a company's doors. Office furniture sets the tone for a company and affects perception of just how a business operates. From the reception area to the CEO's office, contemporary furniture also modernizes a company. Keep reading to find the key pieces of furniture to use in a modern office. 


The first thing people see upon entering an office is the reception area. This space sets the tone of the office - from the desk to the chairs and artwork hanging on the walls, if reception impresses a client, meetings are bound to get off to a great start. 

What will strike clients first is a modern desk. Traditional, all-wood desks may look nice, but if a modern feel is what a company is looking for, metal or glass accents will do the trick. An office workstation with a wooden desk top, metal legs and a sleek design will work wonderfully. Similarly, glass desks and tables in a reception area will brighten up dull spaces and send the message that a company keeps up with the times and is ready to modernize their business practices.

Conference rooms and tables

The heart of client interaction, conference rooms affect the mood of meetings and make a lasting impression. Creating a modern space where computerized presentations and conference calls take place will impress clients and make them feel that they are in business with individuals who aren't afraid to drive forward into the future.

Wide glass conference tables or round, brightly polished surfaces will illuminate spaces and help develop the character of any type of business. 


One of the easiest ways to update an office is to invest in ergonomic chairs. These seating options look fantastic and also save employees from back, neck and wrist problems. High-quality chairs show workers that management cares about their health and well being, and demonstrates to clients that a company understands the dynamic relationship between fashion and function.

Ergonomic chairs can be placed at reception as well as in conference rooms to make clients comfortable as they interact with salespeople, managers or CEOs.

Color schemes and artwork

Each of these pieces of furniture will help modernize a company and give it extra aesthetic appeal, but a fully developed design scheme will incorporate each of these pieces with a cohesive color plan and artwork. For example, a company can select a white reception table and a red ergonomic chair for the receptionist to sit in. This color scheme can then be carried over into the conference room, where red chairs are again incorporated.

Or, if a metallic or silver color scheme is being used, artwork can be hung on the walls in silver frames. Each of these elements may seem small on their own, but when furniture and design come together, a modern office will impress all types of clients.

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