Monday, June 24, 2013

Office furniture tips for call centers

Choosing the right business furniture for a call center can make a huge difference in terms of employee productivity and health. It's important to focus on selecting quality pieces that will stand the test of time and improve company practices. Keep reading for tips on how to select the right office furniture.


Call center employees will spend most of their day at their desk. Office cubicles are extremely popular at all types of companies, including call centers. They designate a distraction-free space, and add a certain level of privacy that many employees enjoy. 

Just because someone spends much of their time on the phone, however, doesn't mean they should have a tiny desk. It's a common mistake for managers to select small workspaces for their staff. Smaller cubicles may be less expensive, but larger desks and a greater amount of personal space create a better environment for callers. High turnover rates affect many call centers - giving each person enough personal space can cut down on these losses.

Another way to foster a healthy office environment is to encourage workers to customize their workstations. Placing pictures of family or bringing in colorful accessories such as pencil cups and organizational tools can make a worker feel more comfortable, increasing happiness and company morale.


Most call centers require that workers sit for the large majority of the workday. This can easily cause back and neck strain and decrease comfort throughout the day. To avoid workplace aches and pains, managers should invest in quality ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to support the back and neck. These chairs are worthwhile investments for a call center, as they can cut down on doctor visits, sick days and general discomfort. When staff members are comfortable in their seats, they will have to take fewer breaks and will be free of distracting pains. 

If owners and managers think that ergonomic chairs are too pricey, they can invest in second hand office chairs. These seating options reduce costs while still providing comfort for callers. When purchased from credible vendors, used and discount office furniture can look brand new without having to spend a fortune.

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