Thursday, July 11, 2013

Improve Miami-Dade County government work culture with smart office design concepts

It's no surprise that happy employees are more productive, efficient and are more likely to stay in a job position long-term. However, it takes more than just a solid compensation plan to keep workers happy. Government workers in Florida's cities and counties can benefit from having a well-planned office landscape to improve office morale. Keep reading to find a few tips on how government offices in Miami-Dade County and beyond can create a welcoming and efficient office environment for both workers and guests. 

Let the light in

To keep Florida government employees energized and happy, try to create an open space where natural light can pour in. One way to make a government office feel less intimidating and start and become more airy and light (even when all the windows are closed) is to adopt and open office landscape.

Office cubicles are great, especially for the privacy required in some Florida government jobs and positions, but if a supervisor is trying to modernize and open up an office space, it might be time to let everyone see co-workers and visiting guests. Without walls between staff members, a space will immediately look brighter and allow sunshine to filter in across every desk. 

Another way to make a Miami-Dade County government office comfortable is to ditch fluorescent lights. Softer lightning is easier on the eyes and allows natural light to affect on a space.

Invest in ergonomics

After a long day at work, the last thing any employee wants to feel is an aching back or sore legs. That's why it's important for Florida government offices to invest in ergonomic chairs that support the back, neck and legs - government workers will be more relaxed and free of physical pain, making them more comfortable and happier in their jobs.

If Florida city, state or county governments don't have huge budgets to spend on office furniture, that's OK, too. Secondhand office chairs are a great alternative for cash-strapped government offices and come in an array of shapes, sizes and colors, all at an affordable price.

Encourage time away during the day

Even during busy seasons and times throughout Miami-Dade County and the rest of the state, it's important to encourage government employees to take breaks during the day to give their minds some time away from work. Staff members should never feel chained to their desks - this will only cause resentment and spark negativity. Instead, promote lunch breaks and make it clear that it's perfectly acceptable to take a walk around the block or to have a seat outside to enjoy the Florida sun. 

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