Monday, September 30, 2013

Balancing the workplace to benefit introverts and extroverts

The word is out about how collaborative offices can fuel creativity. But a balance must be achieved to cater to all types of employees. Not matter what field, people prefer to work differently based on their personality.

Introverts aren't necessarily shy like people might think, but they need a solitary space to gather their ideas. In contrast, extroverts need much more sensory stimulation, which includes working in groups to brainstorm.

Workers need a range of spaces for both group and individual work, according to Chris Congdon for Fast Company. The key is sensory control, which helps employees complete tasks at their discretion. Allowing employees to control their conditions - including lighting, temperature and sound levels - can contribute to employees' success.


Break rooms are being modeled after coffee shops, offering a range of seating options for people to connect at various levels. Introverts might want to work individually, yet be in a noisy environment, while extroverts might use it as a hub for collaboration and sharing ideas.

Custom office workstations

For individual work, offer a variety of workstations to promote flexibility. At times a small desk with an ergonomic chair will do, and in other instances workers might be most productive sitting at an office cubicle.

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