Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Casual dress codes can improve employee morale

In an effort to increase collaboration among office staff members, business owners have been adapting open-plan floor layouts with the use of desk workstations. According to CNBC, it has been increasingly common since the 1970s and 1980s for companies to use fewer private offices and instead shift to collaborative work spaces. Inc. Magazine also noted that a tactic for boosting employee morale is to offer a comfortable workplace with the right ergonomic chairs, temperature and lighting.

Just as open-plan offices can break down barriers to encourage teamwork, casual dress company policies create a relaxed atmosphere for workers. On days when employees do not have client meetings, a casual dress code can reduce time spent getting ready in the morning and save money on expensive business clothes.

Additionally, casual dress codes at companies like Twitter and Facebook prove that professional attire is not necessarily linked to productivity and work success.

"At Google we know that being successful has little to do with what an employee is wearing," Jordan Newman, a spokesman for the company, told Business Week. "We believe one can be serious and productive without a suit."

As you work to make your office environment comfortable for all employees, consider the reasons to institute casual dress policies throughout your company. The Livestrong Foundation suggests that casual yet professional dress codes can lead to employee self-expression and comfort at work.

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