Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Collaborative design for a Hollywood technology startup

Launching a Hollywood startup has many costs and risks associated with the new venture. This makes it important to reduce expenses and improve productivity at every chance. The technology networking company Cisco Systems published a study conducted on its own staff to learn how they preferred to complete tasks.

Research found that up to 65 percent of the time, employees left their traditional workstation cubicles to finish work elsewhere. Having unused real estate can contribute to wasteful spending. In result, Cisco unassigned seating, which allowed workers more flexibility and reduced real estate costs by 80 percent.

These dramatic results may be unique to a fast-growing business like Cisco, yet smaller startups - especially technology firms - can benefit from a similar design plan.

A few buzzwords within this workplace trend are "rolling collaboration" which allows employees to share knowledge in real-time. Additionally, group density can leverage the energy generated from a team dynamic. Consider these two concepts when designing workplaces of this kind.


In Cisco's case study, office furniture encouraged both planned and impromptu meetings. Setting up a large conference table in a communal space can allow for natural group collaboration. Also, it's helpful if the area is supported by wireless technology and networked systems.

Cubicles don't have to be abandoned completely; the privacy can support employees who need solitary workspace. As financing may be limited for a new business, purchasing second hand office furniture is a route many cost-conscious business owners take.

Innovative solutions

With a bit of creativity, a Hollywood startup can fuel productivity in original ways. An oversized whiteboard or chalkboard can help with visual representation of new ideas. Place these in break, conference and lounge areas. Additionally, glass meeting rooms and offices can promote a communal environment within the workplace.

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