Friday, September 27, 2013

Colorful offices aren't just for creative firms

A recent article in The Detroit News profiled the headquarters of Quicken Loans, an online mortgage lender. The office was worth profiling because of its use of vibrant pink, green and blue colors covering the walls, among other creative design choices. 

The goal when developing the office space was to create a "living office," which is becoming a popular trend, according to the source. This incorporates the use of collaborative areas that fit their team and culture. They work toward keeping employees positive, which is why they have a slushie machine and ping pong table.

Some might not consider a mortgage company to be on the leading edge of branding company culture with workplace amenities and design. But creating an inviting space for employees to spend 40 or more hours of the week can work for all types of businesses. Just because an office is filled with data entry workers instead of those in the design field, doesn't mean the company won't benefit from a creative space. A clear mind can prove beneficial in terms of problem solving.

With the introduction of a fresh color scheme, ergonomic chairs and other comfortable furniture, any Florida workplace can be a creative space.

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