Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Creating a home office in an unconventional space

These days, many employers are allowing work to be completed at home office workstations. For those that lack the necessary room, many have turned to creative alternatives to make up for the lack of square footage.

Unconventional offices

In recent trends, people have redesigned closets, pantries and other small nooks into office space. While this option may seem cramped, those working from home have opened up the area with a light coat of paint or interesting wall pattern. Sticking to small spaces also confines the office to one part of the house, limiting the blending of home and work space.

Decor and design tips

Measure - Those considering this route should measure the length and width of the room before any furniture is purchased.

Furniture - Consider all types of tables that might fit the space, including second hand office furniture. There are many highly stylized seating designs on the market, but those with back problems should opt for an ergonomic chair.

Storage - To limit clutter in a small office, have appropriate storage options like file cabinets within reach. Even the addition of a waste basket can help keep the area clean.

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