Monday, September 30, 2013

Easy tips to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome has dropped off the radar of many mass media outlets, but it's still important as ever. Help your employees prevent getting the illness by helping them learn healthy working habits. This is especially important if your staff uses the keyboard during the bulk of the workday.

Any employee that performs repetitive activities should know the steps to reduce the risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by inflammation in the wrist. The same methods won't work for everyone, so it's best to experiment with different techniques.

Ergonomic tools

Ergonomic chairs that help support the back and cause employees to sit correctly can help ward off carpal tunnel. These can be sourced used or new, but either way should be a part of a healthy office space.

Mini breaks

Employers can help workers by giving them varying tasks and encouraging them to take breaks. Allowing the hands to rest for a period of time helps limit straining. 


Stretching limbs is important and can help against carpal tunnel. This is to avoid overexertion in the hand and finger muscles. Additionally, encourage the simple exercise of leaning away from the computer and taking deep breaths to help break up the monotony.

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