Thursday, September 19, 2013

Helping employees declutter their workspaces

Even with the right office workstations and cubicles, a messy desk can get the best of any employee. An OfficeMax survey revealed that 90 percent of American workers felt their unorganized desk space was having a negative impact on their overall productivity.

A chaotic cubicle or open plan desk can keep a staff member from attaining his or her full potential. Being unable to find important notes or forms can have a dramatic impact on workers' stress levels and productivity.  If staff workspaces resemble a hurricane-like atmosphere, consider the following office furniture to aid with organization:

The right furniture: If your business cannot find a way around paper usage, it might be the right time to invest in filing cabinets. Many workers spend  from 30 minutes to an hour looking for files or paperwork around their workspaces. The right filing system will help staff members create a process for their reports or miscellaneous desk items like reference books so they are no longer a distraction.

Desk organizers: Pens, Post-its and paper clips can easily become lost among laptops, binders or files. Use desk organizers to keep small and miscellaneous items in one place. Acrylic desk organizers or folder racks are just a few of the accessories that will make any workspace easier to navigate.

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