Monday, September 30, 2013

How to have fun with office layouts

Adding fun and edgy elements to your office workstation does not have to cost a large amount of money. If you want your staff members to take a break and collaborate with colleagues, set up the office space in a way that is conducive for interaction and inspiration.

Fun names for conference rooms: Even the most serious office can get creative with naming conference rooms. Instead of numbering them or assigning letters, look to famous leaders, various countries or city landmarks. For example, "South Beach" or "Ocean Drive" are locally inspired conference room names for Miami-based offices.

Bunkers, Muenster, Batcave and Free Parking are some of quirky names office designers and staff members around the country have thought up.

Collaborative board: You may already use white boards in conference rooms for brainstorm sessions. How about a giant white board that takes up half the space on one side of the wall? Employees can show off their artistic skills or post notes about post-work meetups.

Personal art: Instead of spending money on expensive art, look to the talent within your office. If someone has created a masterpiece and use it to decorate the walls. A fun project for the office can be to create a mural or piece which represents the company.

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