Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to use whiteboards throughout your office

As you shop for used office furniture, you will inevitably need a shared writing space that promotes brainstorming and a space for presentations. Not only are whiteboards easy to clean, they are also multi-purpose. While whiteboards can offer teams the chance to throw out new ideas for a client campaign, they are also used for presentations in conjunction with projectors.

In addition to brainstorming in conference rooms, small whiteboards can also be used in a staff member's cubicle in place of Post-its. Rather than wasting  paper for reminders and to-dos, using a small board is eco-friendly and looks professional.

You can take collaboration and brainstorming a step further by turning your walls into shared spaces. Choose a few (or all) hallways in the office and cover the walls with giant whiteboards. Staff members will then have the freedom to share ideas and inspiration with their colleagues instantly, rather than wait for brainstorming sessions to take place.

Not all office environments can facilitate hallways full of whiteboards, especially if clients are always visiting. In that case, look for large whiteboards with wheels at the bottom. Now you have the flexibility to continuously use whiteboards for inspiration and creativity without worrying about how it will look when visitors are around.

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