Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Improving air quality in an Oakland Park workplace

It's important for employers in Oakland Park to manage the health of their staff when possible. Indoor air quality has been known to contain harmful pollutants that when not taken into consideration can affect productivity and increase insurance rates. But there are ways to reduce levels of airborne irritants that may contribute to employee illness. 

Low VOCs - When building an office environment, source paint, carpet and furniture with low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Items that have high levels of these agents can emit harmful gases.

Ventilation - Air conditioning systems are designed to work efficiently based on the number of people using each space. When updating an office with new business furniture, you may alter the initial flow of the workspace. It other cases rooms may be used for new purposes, as when storage spaces are converted into offices. When this happens, the air conditioning system may need to be altered to run efficiently in the new layout. Additionally, certain botanicals like snake and spider plants can help clean the air.

Spacing - Be careful not to place thermostats directly underneath computers that can change the reading on the unit, thus altering air flow. Also, when desks are placed too close together, illness can spread quickly if someone becomes sick.

Cleaning - Give the right equipment to your maintenance staff. Vacuum cleaners should have hepa-filters and cleaners shouldn't contain any toxic chemicals. Also, encourage employees to wipe their phones and computers routinely with pre-moistened anti-bacterial cloths.

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