Monday, September 16, 2013

Office furniture for the game room

Unlike conference rooms, which must adhere to the utmost professional look, an employee game or break room can be full of character and outrageous furniture. Colorful walls, paintings and game systems make a great rest stop for staff members looking to rejuvenate during a long day.

According to Businessweek, some of the top office lounge rooms in the country have arcade games, small libraries and televisions. One game room was even decorated from ceiling to floor to resemble a forest!

Designing the perfect fun room starts with the right furniture and layout. Follow this guide to get started:

Group area: In a fun room, there should be a few office tables and comfortable chairs for group seating. Provide furniture for social interaction when several employees want to get together and enjoy a meal or play games without disturbing anyone.

Sometimes employees need a break even if it is not around lunchtime. For this purpose, there should also be an area separate from the dining tables. A few couches or ergonomic chairs will suffice for staff looking to lounge around with colleagues.

Privacy: While the break room can be for group fun, there should also be a privacy element. A handful of bean bags or single person couches are necessary for those looking to read a book, make a phone call or get some quiet time.

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