Friday, September 6, 2013

Sourcing the right furniture for a Miami shared workspace

As the technology boom continues, entrepreneurs need less physical equipment to launch new endeavors. This on-the-go practice of doing business allows professionals to conduct their work from home offices, smartphones and tablets. But when client meetings call for a more traditional environment, budding business owners are looking toward shared workspaces.

These co-workspaces typically offer various room layouts and desk arrangements to meet the needs of a range of customers. A freelance writer might require access to a computer and printer from time to time, while a public relations executive may need a conference room to present a new campaign to clients.

Miami has its share of co-habitation workplaces that can benefit from used office furniture. Many of them don't offer the typical cubicle design, as new trends support open environments. In these cases, ergonomic office chairs and lounge seating works well. Also, multiple-purpose tables can help conform to different clients. 

Overall, shared workspaces allow fledgling entrepreneurs and freelance workers the flexibility to conduct business with fewer startup costs. Offering an open floor plan with ample windows, lighting and flexible seating can bolster creativity in this contemporary workplace trend.

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