Monday, September 16, 2013

Staying organized in a small Miami workspace

Whether you're working from a Miami small business or a home office, encouraging efficiency is important in the workplace. One of the major ways to boost productivity is organization. Here's how to provide employees with the right tools:


Promote employee organization by first taking a look at workstations. If a worker has a desk filled with paper and hasn't been making his or her work goals, the employee may need to adopt a new organization method. Ask them to evaluate their belongings and limit what they need. Many times a clutter-free desk can led to a focused mind.

Appropriate furniture

- Give employees ample storage space. If large resource books are housed at desks, find a new home for them in a nearby bookshelf. Additionally, many workstation cubicles have easily accessible built-in storage.

- Consider giving employees custom office workstations, allowing them to pick out any necessary amenities, like extra counter space.

- Be sure to manage cables and wires underneath the desks where no one can trip or tangle themselves.

- If there are limited expenses consider buying second hand business furniture that is gently used and in good working order.

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