Monday, September 30, 2013

Tips on setting up the right location for your business

Starting a new business is an exciting venture. There are so many different aspects that go into preparation and planning, that choosing an ideal space may not be given much thought. However, it's vital to the success of both fledgling and established companies.

Here are the most important areas to consider when choosing an office:


Companies that meet face to face with their customer base should have an easily accessible office space. The location needs to be in a neighborhood where current and potential customers live or can travel to without a hassle. If the ideal office space is not in a suitable vicinity near customers, consider setting up client meeting centers. For example, you can have a small office in Miami while the bulk of your employees work out of the Pompano Beach branch.


New businesses need to determine the most efficient way to operate. If meeting rooms are part of the plan, there may need to be more than one depending on the size of the company. A large employee base can't benefit from one conference room. In addition to offices for upper level management, opt for an unit with a large open floor plan to house the bulk of employees. If cubicle workstations will be purchased, the extra space they require should be taken into account.


Employee satisfaction is important and can be achieved with a few extra amenities.

Parking - If public transportation is sparse, free or low-cost parking can be beneficial to employees. Consider leasing an office space with a well-lit garage or lot. Additionally, a night security guard can help keep employees safe when leaving after normal business hours.

Break room - Many new and established office spaces have break rooms or lounges. But some lack the necessary square footage to be used by many people. If a break room only seats five but your employees total 50 then the space is ill-equipped. Find a large enough room where people can relax and refuel before they get back to work.

Ergonomic furniture - All modern offices should have ergonomic seating options. Business furniture that doesn't adjust for height and posture can cause back pain and even carpal tunnel in some employees. Choosing the right new or second hand furniture can help save on insurance costs and limit sick days.

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