Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Choosing the right furniture for a Miami community center

Every bustling metropolis needs a community center. Many times, the more the merrier. This building could serve all the people in a particular community or just a niche group. Whichever type the institution serves, it will ultimately help the people of Miami ensure their needs are met.

Types of community centers

Many community centers are designed to provide an outlet for youth. They give teens a place to go after school, providing them with a productive place to spend their time. Other centers might serve senior citizens and create an avenue to keep them active and social.

Work area

Traditional business furniture such as single-use desks, chairs and conference tables should be available to allow a variety of work to be done. Office desks can serve as an area to finish homework, while communal desks are meant to be used as a group. Dedicate enough room to let students finish school projects or conduct a study session. Additionally, many community institutions help people find jobs. A part of the center should be designated for career-building services.

Used furniture - Quality office equipment doesn't have to be expensive. Secondhand business furniture is a suitable option when budgets are tight. When they are purchased from a reputable dealer, they are often in a condition comparable to newer models.

Ergonomic chairs - All seating options (except sofas) should be ergonomic. Even though users most likely won't be sitting for 8 or more hours, chairs must still be comfortable. To encourage good posture, each should have an adjustable back rest and head rest.

Storage - Appropriate storage is necessary for all types or work spaces. To keep the center running smoothly, purchase new or used filing cabinets. The vertical and horizontal units can help keep essential paperwork organized.


As with offices, community centers need lounge space as well. There should be comfortable seating and coffee tables to encourage socialization.

Games - Activities don't necessarily have to be part of every type of public space, however it is a good option for a youth program.


If the budget includes funds for refreshments, a separate kitchen space is necessary. Offer healthy options like fruit and no-sugar-added juice.


Many adults and teens have access to Wi-Fi-powered tablets, laptops and mobile devices. Hardwired Internet access isn't enough in the modern world. The center should be outfitted with a wireless signal that can handle the capacity of all its users.

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