Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to make your office more inviting

Moving up the ranks to a comfy office is a goal of many career-minded individuals. Much thought might be put into the overall design of the space because it's often up to the personal aesthetics of that employee. However, the type of business furniture chosen can play a part in his or her success. So, whether you are outfitting your own office or the manager bays as a group, here is some advice to make each area more inviting.

Communication specialist Shari Alexander wrote in Entrepreneur magazine of the importance of having a communal area for visitors within the office. She backs up her reasoning by describing a scenario in which a suspect and interrogator meet on uneven ground. The interrogator naturally takes the dominant role that is supported by his lofty chair on wheels. The suspect is left with an uncomfortable stationary seating option, in which he or she would be never able to relax. That picture is similar to the workplace dynamic when managers hold meetings in their offices. As the person of authority sits behind his or her desk, that hierarchy is compounded. However, when there is an equal seating option for both employees, each person can feel comfortable communicating more freely.

Meeting space

To create your own communal space, choose from a variety of layout options. 

Conference table - A large format table allows people more space to think and feel comfortable. However, if your office meetings are meant to be more informal, this setup might not be best.

Coffee table - Going in the opposite direction, a coffee table with a couch and a couple of arm chairs is perfect for conversational environments. These impulsive chats can even spur innovative ideas.

Round table - Small offices can benefit from roundtables. Add a few comfortable guest chairs to complete the space.

Embrace company culture

Many successful office designs revel in their company's culture in a variety of ways. Concentrate on your organization's mission statement. If the founding principles are based on a team environment, that message should be conveyed in the office's decor. It's fine to display your accomplishments, but the company as a whole should be represented.

Open door policy

An official open door policy will encourage employees to communicate freely. The company should operate as a group, where each level is supporting the other. This balance of give and take between the workforce can spell success in the long run.

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