Monday, October 7, 2013

Open layout tips for Miami government offices

The General Services Administration (GSA) building has revamped its office space in Washington. The new look boasts a cubicle-free layout, according Federal News Radio.

Office workstations

This modern, open-concept space includes a laptop docking station, Internet connection and 22-inch monitor. Since many employees don't have a dedicated workstation, they can make a reservation using software provided by

Common areas

GSA's communal room is set up in a coffee shop layout. Tables and seating options are available that sit low to the ground. Additionally, the chairs have no backrest yet aren't designed for prolonged use. The goal for this space is short collaboration sessions and meetings.

Conference center

Reflecting industry trends, the redesigned building has a larger conference center that can fit up to 250 people. All of the business furniture in this room is adjustable, while the walls are movable. In this way, the space is flexible enough to meet the needs of the office.

Working from home

According to the source, there is only one desk for every two people, which translates to a push toward working from home.

Applying open space layout to other government offices

City clerks and other municipal offices can use this redesign project as inspiration. With the widespread availability of Internet access, more employees can work remotely. In turn, these layouts take up less space, thus freeing up valuable real estate. If budget is an issue, second hand business furniture can be purchased at a discount. When sourced from reputable vendors, these tables, desks and chairs are comparable in style and quality to their brand new counterparts.

Additionally, the entire office doesn't have to completely move away from cubicle workstations. Downscaling the group can provide employees an option of working from these units when they need the space.

Lastly, it's important to have ergonomic chairs in the budget for an office remodeling project. These chairs are vital to the health of each employee. Studies have shown that sedentary lifestyles, often promoted by office work, can lead to adverse health conditions. To combat this, office furniture manufactures offer ergonomic options that are adjustable to the height of each user. Additionally, these chairs should have a backrest that can be altered to align with the individual's back. This not only promotes good posture, it helps to avoid sprains and spasms.

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