Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Picking the right furniture for a Miami advertising agency

Advertising agencies are filled with a variety of departments. The creative branch writes copy and draws graphics. The account executives act as sales professionals that work toward landing new clients and maintaining established relationships. Then, if the company is large enough, there are a variety of managers supporting each department.

To ensure each branch of the company has what it needs to be successful, each person should have appropriate business furniture.

Daily work

Similar to many modern office layouts, the bulk of an ad agency's workforce probably completes tasks seated in a communal space. If this is the case, fill the room with office workstations to use each bit of real estate efficiently. There are a variety of styles that fit this furniture category, from cubicles to open​-space desks.

Cubicles - If privacy is needed, there are models of cubicles that have partitions yet don't feel cramped. To accomplish this, some units have a few transparent walls. Others have more traditional layouts with storage and lots of counter space.

Desks - Other workstations have connected work surfaces with a small border offering a bit of privacy. These are suitable for employees that need to collaborate and converse throughout the day.

Test marketing

Advertising companies, just like marketing firms, can test a product or branding they create for an client. Some businesses outsource the work to third parties, while other agencies complete it in-house.

The perfect furniture pieces for this type of room are training tables. These streamlined surfaces seat multiple people and use space efficiently. Most product testing sessions typically don't last all day, so task chairs can be outfitted in the space.

Client presentations

When a campaign is finished and ready to be presented to the client, account executives, writers and graphic designers often team up to plan out the meeting. A medium-to-large conference room is the perfect venue when equipped with the right technology. A flat-screen display should be hung from one end of the wall to show slideshows and graphics. Additionally, if the campaign features a video or audio component, then surrounding speakers can help the client get in the right mindset to fully absorb the pitch.

In addition to a large conference table with ample surface space, there should be plenty of plush seating options to ensure each client is comfortable.

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