Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Practical tips for employees working from home

Whether you own your business or have the luxury of working from home on a full- or part-time basis, it's important to work in an efficient manner. Forbes has compiled a list of essential tips to lead to a more productive home-based work day.

Create a traditional office space

An office doesn't have to take up an entire room, however there should be business furniture for the sole purpose of work. Set up a traditional or contemporary style desk with an ergonomic chair. You will thank yourself later for the comfort these models bring. The adjustable back and neck rests are crucial to avoid injuries and sprains.

Taxes - Be a smart home worker and write off all applicable taxes. Only 3.4 percent out of the 26 million Americans with home offices claim their rightful deductions, according an article Richard Eisenberg wrote in Next Avenue. So speak with a professional to understand which line items apply to you.

Keep a strict schedule

If you are self-employed, you can make up your own hours. However, if you work for a traditional company, you should keep normal business hours. Organize a schedule that aligns with the timeframe you would work if you went into the office. Staying on track with a routine helps people create good habits.

Be outgoing

Face-to-face communication is lost in a home office. At times it may be appropriate to compensate for the loss of sociability, according to Forbes. Don't always email coworkers, make a few calls for a chance to connect.

Act as your own tech support

When you are working from home, there isn't an easily accessible tech support department. It's important to hone your computer skills to fix any problems that may arise. Know the troubleshooting methods of your computer, Internet access and network.

Take lunch

Stick to a lunch schedule just as you would in the office. When you forget to eat, you will deplete yourself of energy and it will be hard to get through the rest of the day.


It's important to have smart storage solutions to house all your paperwork. First, consider your digital options, like scanning your documents onto an external hard drive. For items you must have a hard copy of, purchase sturdy vertical filing cabinets.

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