Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Should you try and fix your office furniture?

No matter the quality, there will come a time when your business furniture sustains damage. Over time, wear-and-tear will take its toll, regardless of how careful employees may be with office workstations or ergonomic chairs. As a business owner, you may consider hiring someone to fix broken desks or conference tables. However, if some fixes are beyond your skill level, it doesn't mean you will need to spend a fortune on new furniture. You can find gently used pieces that match the theme of your office and provide employees with an updated  workstation.

Consider these tips when trying to decide whether to purchase a new piece of office furniture or fix what is broken:

Desk: Whether your office layout consists of several cubicles in a traditional setting or stations loosely arranged in an open layout, desks are perhaps the most important pieces of furniture in the office. Most employees will spend the bulk of their day there, and may have worked to set up a comfortable space, so keeping desks around is a worthy endeavor.

If one of the desk's drawers doesn't properly connect with the tracks, you probably won't need to replace the whole unit. However, if the veneer on the top of the desk is starting to peel, you may want to consider shopping for used office furniture to replace the piece.

Chairs: Of course, you can always replace a missing screw on a chair by ordering a new part from the manufacturer. If the arm rest happens to break on one side, the chair may still be usable, as well.  However, if the seat is ripped and has holes or no longer leans back, repairing an ergonomic chair can be costly.

Filing cabinet: If your office files are sometimes held hostage in an old filing cabinet, you may want to consider replacing the unit. Filing cabinets can break if they are overflowing or they are frequently slammed shut.

If the equipment is rusted, dinged and has drawers that continuously separate from the tracks, you may be better off searching for second hand office furniture. Repairing a filing cabinet takes a lot of work and may be unnecessary when you can find an affordable and gently used one.

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