Friday, October 11, 2013

Smart storage solutions for a Fort Lauderdale home office

Working remotely is becoming ever more popular these days. According to The Charlotte Observer, 1 in 4 American households have home offices, which equates to 26 million residences. However, it's unknown how many of these workstations are optimized for productivity. One way to operate more efficiently is to have smart storage solutions.


Modern technology makes it possible for people to reduce their reliance on paper. Many files can be housed on computers and backup hard drives. Many people are digitizing their records with scanning equipment. With these machines it is easy to transform old receipts, tax forms, photographs and more into easy-to-find files.

Filing cabinets

Most likely there will be documents that you prefer to keep in a hard copy. In those cases, opt for a vertical filing system. Often people organize their space horizontally, yet forget about the prime real estate left unused toward the ceiling. Tall storage options are sturdy and can not only house your paperwork, they may also ward off water damage in times of extreme weather events.


A desk can take up a lot of room in a home office. Choose one with ample built-in storage. It can work double duty when it has shelving for hanging files and a wide surface for your computer.

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