Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sourcing economical furniture for a Miami nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations are special types of entities. Instead of being profit-driven, they work toward improving the greater good. Some of these institutions help children while others want to eradicate disease. Because nonprofits are fueled by social causes, the need can be never ending. As a result, these organizations need to have effective office space to get their work done in a cost-efficient manner.

Secondhand business furniture

Used office furniture is one of the best ways a nonprofit organization can save money. However, not all pre-owned equipment is suitable for repurchase. Look to reputable dealers to ensure you are buying quality desks, chairs and tables.

Office workstations - To reduce overhead, many nonprofits have small offices. To use space efficiently, opt for combined workstations. These are long tables with sectioned-off space for each employee.

Cubicles - If more privacy is needed, you can choose cubicles. Even the secondhand units are available in a variety of shapes for different levels of comfort. Some have minimal features where just a simple surface is needed, and others have lots of room, including shelving and extra counter space.

Reception desk - To adhere to a certain level of professionalism, you can also pick up used reception desks. These units serve two purposes: they give you a place to meet visitors and donors, and they provide your greeter with a place to complete his or her other tasks.

Conference tables - It's helpful for nonprofits to have a meeting room. This area is important for many reasons. It can be a place to plan campaigns or decide where to allocate funds. Additionally, it can serve as the room to present quarterly financial figures to board members and other interested parties.

Storage - In order for a charity or other tax-exempt organizations to operate efficiently, they need to keep accurate records. Traditional filing cabinets are the best place to hold important documents when a company is on a limited budget. Whether you choose vertical or horizontal styles, the metal units are structurally sounds and of a good quality.

Seating - Some of these institutions need abundant seating to house the people they serve. To provide a comfortable seat that doesn't eat away at the budget, look to used furniture. Some of these guest and task chairs have plush cushions while others have durable plastic construction.

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