Friday, October 25, 2013

Sourcing the right furniture for a Miami contractor's office

Building contractors often create temporary modular offices. These serve as a onsite venues to manage operations, conduct sales or complete administrative work for the new structure. Additionally, they are sometimes erected for banks, retail and restaurant establishments. Even though these workstations are temporary, they should still be outfitted with the right equipment. Not doing so can lead to an unproductive working environment.


Space is at a premium in modular offices. They are often rectangular structures that only fit a few people. Before you purchase equipment, measure the entire working area and allocate sufficient space for the number of employees who will be occupying the office. Also, be sure to leave enough space for walking room. 

Business furniture

Think about the range of office furniture that is on the market. There are traditional desks normally made from wood. These models are often large and made for executive offices. Cubicles also wouldn't be a good choice because the partitions can make workers feel claustrophobic in the small space.

Office workstations - These desks are streamlined for efficiency. Some units fit two people, while others were designed for singular use.

Conference tables - Even though space may be limited, consider adding a conference table. They are available in a range of sizes and can seat many people. Additionally, they can serve as the perfect places to hold spontaneous meetings or lay out blueprints and plans.

Ergonomic chairs - Task chairs won't do in a modular office. These workstations should operate like traditional workplaces, which means the seating should be optimized for comfort. Ergonomic chairs do just that. Their back rests adjust to the user and help limit strains and other injuries.

Second hand business furniture - Since these offices are temporary, there is no need to buy expensive furniture. Pick up used desks, chairs and more from reputable dealers. Many times you'll get high-quality equipment for a great price.


If you are adding two or more desks to a modular office, strategically place them in the room. Setting them against opposite walls can make the room feel less cramped. Also, you can fit round tables in small corners. They take less room than their rectangular counterparts and can sometimes fit more people.

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