Friday, October 18, 2013

The ultimate workstation for the modern multitasker

Multitasking has received a bad reputation in recent years. According to Arthur Markman, a pscyhology professor at the University of Texas at Austin, productivity suffers when the brain tries to complete multiple projects. However, the modern workplace requires people to juggle tasks as they are assigned. According to Forbes, multitasking is actually task switching, not simultaneously doing two things.

"Leadership itself requires a form of multitasking," Roger Kay, a Forbes contributor, explains. "The boss has to have the whole plan in his head and check continually with workers executing the plan to make sure they're on target, and if they're not, adjust the plan. Looked at closely, though, this activity appears to be more like rapid task switching than multitasking."

To increase your chance of being more productive while you tackle a few projects, have all the tools you need at arm's length. Here are tips to create the ultimate workstation that will help - not hinder - your work:


First, you need the right equipment for the task at hand. Many jobs require multitasking at their core. Journalists need to source information and write copy at the same time. While they could toggle in between web pages and a word processor, there are more efficient and cost-effective methods. In this one example, writers would benefit from wide monitors that allow them to open two windows side by side. Graphic designers also employ multitasking techniques. This is why dual monitors are a crucial tool for them. These creators must manipulate images on various screens, while they follow notes and view their source of inspiration.

Business furniture

Office workstations - Modern cubicles are not like those of the past. They are filled with many more amenities that can often be customized to fit the user. Some of these workstations are equipped with built-in storage in overhead shelves and floor units. Also, many feature a wide surface area, perfect for working on and off the computer. Contemporary desks can also be personalized with small filing cabinets and countertop storage.

Ergonomic chairs - It's important to purchase ergonomic chairs with adjustable back rests and seats for the entire workforce. Additionally, it's helpful if seating can swivel and roll. Leaning to access a document in a cabinet can cause strain just like a non-ergonomic chair can. Also, during team projects, people might need to move seating to other areas. These small touches can allow employees to work to the best of their abilities.

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