Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tips on setting up a Miami-based client meeting center

For financial reasons, some companies choose to move the bulk of their operations to suburban districts where real estate costs are less expensive. Overall, it reduces overhead costs and frees up the company to consider offering employees additional benefits. However, moving operations doesn't change the nature of work, so in many cases face-to-face client interactions are still necessary. For a simple solution, build a meeting center in the bustling Miami business district.

Reception desk

Plan for early bird clients with a nicely decorated waiting area. It should have a receptionist to greet the clients and offer water, coffee or another refreshment. Additionally, there should be a bathroom nearby in case guests need to use the facilities. Outfit this room with lounge chairs, sofas, side chairs and coffee tables.

Meeting room

It's a good idea for large companies to have multiple room setups.

Conference - Long conference tables are perfect for presentations and meetings with a high number of participants. Pick up executive style chairs to give clients a comfy place to sit.

One-on-one - For smaller meetings like one-on-one sessions you can either set up a small table and chairs, or two couches and a coffee table.

Now that you have the right furniture, planning is the next step to ensuring a successful client presentation.

Keys to a great meeting:

Know the client - Study up on the client to know what their business is about and how you can serve them. Read up on their portfolio to learn their accomplishments and opportunities to grow.

Set up an agenda - To make sure the meeting will run smoothly, set up an itinerary to remind yourself to ask important questions and showcase all the best features of your company.

Be prepared - Be sure all the presentation materials are printed out, bound or queued up on the computer before the meeting. Do this ahead of time to plan for any computer issues or other technical problems. Also, have extra notebooks and pens as well as presentation materials available in case additional people attending the meeting.

Listen - Make sure you pay attention to everything the client is saying so you clearly understand their goals and expectations.

Follow up - Send a thank-you note to the potential client for taking the time to meet. Also, if a week passes and you don't hear back from them, it's fine to send a follow-up message.

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