Thursday, November 14, 2013

Choosing the right business furniture for Brickell offices

Brickell is a business district in Miami that borders downtown and Coconut Grove. It's a coastal neighborhood filled with universities, skyscrapers, hotels and other business entities.

Swire Properties is planning a new development where the Northern Trust Banking building resides, according to Miami New Times. The new structure will be the tallest tower in the city and it serves as the second stage of Brickell City Centre. In total, the project will be a $1.05 billion mixed-use space when complete. There will be 5.4 million square feet of hotel, retail, office and entertainment real estate. Additionally, the Metromover train stations will be incorporated into the design.

If your business is planning on leasing office space in this business center or any of the other new developments in Brickell, you need furniture to match the quality of the buildings.

Executive offices

Desks - In order to establish yourself as a key player in the tropical region of Miami, you'll have to display a certain level of professionalism. Equip each executive-level office with traditional desks. These office workstations convey a look of quality with their solid wood foundations and paneled accents. Many of these desks have matching hutches that serve as storage coves. Additionally, they provide extra surface area to complete work.

Ergonomic chairs - Plush executive chairs are also available in ergonomic styles. Pick up these seating options because they are vital to a healthy workforce. The height and backrests of these chairs adjust to encourage appropriate posture and comfort.


Most company headquarters have boardrooms where executive level staff members sit and plan big-picture projects for the company. Equip this room with long conference tables and guests chairs. Contemporary models have been updated to work with technology. Many have outlets and shelving to power and hide away equipment.

Client lounges

In the corporate world, how you treat your client says a lot about your business. Be sure to provide a comfortable and brightly lit waiting area. The seating should be plush yet firm and streamlined to fit contemporary styles. Keep a beverage center nearby so your staff can greet clients with refreshments once they arrive. A variety of armchairs, sofas and coffee tables would work well in this space. It's best to set up this room in an area with large windows, showcasing Miami's skyline or ocean views.

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