Monday, November 18, 2013

Choosing the right workstation for commercial real estate in Miami

The Global Diversity Summit (GDS) took place in November, promoting ethnic minorities in the commercial real estate industry. It was located in downtown Miami at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Each year the conference gives an opportunity for business professionals to network with 500 other people in similar fields, according to Greenfield Advisors.

Miami is situated in a strategic area in the global marketplace. With laws changing in Latin America, many foreign companies are setting up branches in this international city. Additionally, GDS designates certain people as scholars. The program is open to those enrolled full-time in an educational program with interest in commercial real estate, construction, urban planning, design and more.

To support new business, there is also a wide range of development in Miami. In the downtown area construction is underway to build a city center that will offer a variety of office and retail space.

If you are an ethnic minority, take advantage of some of the programs the city has to offer. As you launch your own business, or help an established one grow, make sure it has the right equipment.

Office workstations

In the grand scheme of things business furniture may not seem that important to the function of a company, but it's vital. In order for any type of entity - commercial real estate or otherwise - to run efficiently, each employee has to be equipped with the necessary tools. Of course in the modern world this means a computer, keyboard and mouse. But it also points to a quality working environment. Many times choosing a one-size-fits-all surface for a worker can interfere with his or her productivity. If you are upgrading furniture, monitor how different departments work, then choose pieces accordingly.

Sales and customer support - These professionals may need cubicles workstations. If they use the phone on a consistent basis, partitions can help drown out the sound.

Administrative - Employees that conduct a lot of computer-based work most likely only need a simple surface with ample storage space.

Creative - Graphic artists and copy editors need to collaborate to work efficiently. It's best for them to work in an open-space environment where they have their own station yet can connect with another employee easily.

Lastly, if you are upgrading furniture or making the move to a new space, consider used office furniture. These units are much more cost-efficient than their new counterparts and often look just the same.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

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