Monday, November 18, 2013

Designing an efficient workspace for Miami health care offices

Just like Miami is seeing a boom in real estate and financial offices, the city is also receiving growth in the health care field. According to the South Florida Business Review, the Cleveland Clinic recently opened an office in Broward County. It's a 3,500-square-foot space located in Parkland. It will serve people in the areas of dermatology, orthopedics, rheumatology, nephrology and more. Additionally, there will be a $830 million expansion to the Jackson Health System (JHS), according to the source. The medical institution has various locations throughout Miami. Additionally, JHS is looking to work with local small businesses on this project. 

Health care design

Health care offices are similar to other places of business that conduct administrative work. And like those other entities, medical offices are evolving with the times. According to Healthcare Design magazine, these spaces need to support the wave of technology used by industry professionals. This includes communicating through video, email and texting.


In order for health care offices to adopt modern, open layouts, they'll need to create departmental hubs. Patient privacy is of the utmost concern for these institutions, so work needs to be completed away from customers. Create large offices where employees under the same branch can work together and collaborate.

Office workstations

Contemporary workstations offer a more streamlined version than desks of the past. They come in a variety of designs as well. Some feature long desks with portioned out workstations for each employee. Each cove has an area for the worker to sit, with ample room for comfort. Other forms of these desks offer even more space and are built in an L-shape. They provide shelving for employees to house important medical files and other materials.

Conference rooms

Medical offices receive many requests to host meetings where pharmaceutical representatives can present new products. It's important to have a conference room that can fit each doctor and support the technology used in these gatherings. Choose a sturdy conference table with slots to hide cords for laptops and other devices.

Used furniture

Revamping any office space can be expensive. And when a health care building is upgraded, going over budget can limit amenities for patients. Consider purchasing discount office furniture. As long as you purchase these desks, chairs and storage systems from a reputable dealer, you will have quality business furniture.

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